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To promote sustainable improvement in nutritional status of the people of Laos, in particular women and children with a focus on the first 1,000 days of life, by creating a strong, coordinated and vibrant civil society network which will support further development and wider implementation of the national nutrition agenda


  • To develop a sustainable civil society alliance in Laos, aligned with national priorities and the global SUN movement.
  • To identify advocacy priorities, and work with government and other development partners towards positive policy change that supports the aims of the SUN Movement, including advocacy on gender and ethnicity.
  • To support evidence-based programming through research, knowledge management, and learning platforms.
  • To mainstream nutrition messaging that can lead to behaviour change in households, in the private sector, and in other non-traditional entities

To develop and promote evidence based resources (in both Lao and English) as well as events that can be used in nutrition and food security programs by SUN CSA members, particularly at district level. Such resources and events will strive to always mainstream gender and ethnicity

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A. Full Membership

Your Organisation Must Fulfil at least one of the Following Criteria:

  • Contributing to the development of the Lao PDR Is an International Non-Governmental Organisation, Red Cross Society, or other

organisations operating in the spirit of theSUN CSA, registered in their Home Country

  • Is a Non Profit Assoication (ie an NPA in Laos)
  • Implementing or funding projects, research, or other developmental activities in Lao PDR,and interested in improving nutritional status in all communities
  • Providing humanitarian or development assistance in a non-discriminatory manner.
  • Non-government.
  • Does not participate in activities that conflict with the spirit of the SUN CSA (eg supports the International Code of Marketing ofBreastmilk Substitutes).

B. Associate Membership

Your Organisation Must Fulfil the Following Criteria:

  • Is an International Non-Governmental Organisation in the process of registration and obtaining permission to operate in Lao PDR

An independent consultant or technical expert who supports the spirit of the SUN CSA

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